Tapes at De Appel Arts Centre

Jeroen Vermandere collects cassette tapes from sound artists and musicians based in the Netherlands. In particular, he collects limited edition cassette tapes from the 80’s DIY scene that were already extremely rare at that time. Miniature artwork in plastic covers; underground sound that still sounds challenging. Each tape, connects to a story of musicians and artists who performed for a mini-audience, engineered sound recordings, self-replicated and distributed. These music groups or one-men firms used home-made instruments, vacuum cleaners, synthesizers or operated according to a predetermined script. Graphic work that can be folded or collapsed, painted cassettes. Manual labour.

Jeroen Vermandere has set up a small collection of these gems, often released under obscure aliases. With each tape he researches and meets the creators, relatives and listeners and collects the stories that give the cassette, the music and the creators a colorful and sonorous history.

The tapes will be featured in De Appel from November 10th. On Fridays and Saturdays, Vermandere welcomes two people per time slot. In this small company, the stories he has gathered are told and the music and sounds are explored.

Due to limited number of places, reservation is mandatory. Please see below for the available time slots.

Reservations can be done via info@deappel.nl

Listen here to Tapes on Red Light Radio