Erasing Sound

One recorder plays one tape loop for every single drum. And every single drum has his own drumbeat sound played by the loudspeaker which is inside. So far it seems to be a very simple self contained installation. The drums seem to speak for themselves, not even been beaten by sticks. If you stay more than a while in this installation, you will notice slight changes in rhythm and once you are caught by this phenomenon, you'll try to unveil these changes and suddenly you realize that you are in a constantly changing universe of beats. Small changes in a long time span. If you stay long enough, or revisit the installation after a few hours, the changes are much bigger. The installation seems to erase itself. The amount of beats is getting less and less dense. As if you are able to take notice of the expansion of the universe in an instant.

Jeroen Vermandere managed to open up a mechanism, hidden for most people, but perceptive for those who are patient enough to observe over time. The slowly steady mesmerizing movement of the tape-loops invites you into this state of slow observing and giving attention to small changes. By showing all the elements of the installation 'just as they are' there is no doubt in being tricked by an illusion. With all the descisions Jeroen Vermandere has made building this installation, he demonstrates to be gifted with a subtle sense for proportion and time.

Text by Hans Muller